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Care & Cleaning

All Onedia jewelry can be used while performing everyday activities, but they are precious fine jewelry so needed to be treated with care. There are some jewelry care tips for your reference.


Daily --- Wipe gently with a cleaning cloth after each use.

After a few wears --- Soak in warm water with some drops of mild hands soap. Gently brush with a soft bristled toothbrush and then dry it thoroughly as soon as possible.

Tarnishing --- Rub softly with a polishing cloth. Polishing cloth is not advised to be used on a daily basis, because it may wear down the plating surface over time.



Wear the unopened earrings after wiping with an alcohol pad.

Do not wear while sweating or applying body lotions, hairspray, makeup, or perfume.

Remove all jewelry before bathing, showering, swimming, sleeping or participating in physical activity, e.g. cleaning, gardening and playing sports.



Keep in a jewelry box after daily use, but if no use for some period, it would be better to store in an air-tight box in a cool and dry place.



Avoid exposing to direct sunlight or everyday chemicals like hair products, skincare, perfumes, etc.

Avoid using extra harsh cleaning methods or cleaners.