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Our Story

  In 1997

      Onedia built a small workshop specialized in 
      cutting all kinds of synthetic gemstones like 
      cubic zirconia, corundum, created emerald 
      etc. From selecting rough material, cutting 
      into preforms, facetting and polishing, until 
      checking quality, Onedia controlled every 
      processing step well and accumulated a 
      wealth of experience gradually.




  In 2012

      Onedia set up their first overseas office in 
      Bangkok, Thailand. From this year, Onedia 
      was active in participating in the exhibitions 
      like Bangkok Jewelry Fair, Hongkong Gems 
      & Jewelry Exhibition and Russia Expo. It made 
      Onedia be known by more people from all 
      around the world.




   In 2018

      Onedia became the exclusive agent of rough 
      moissanite material. They not only provided 
      loose moissanite, but also accepted OEM to 
      make moissanite jewelry.





  Until 2022

      From original design until final piece, now 
      Onedia has a mature production line to 
      make jewelry. Base on the advantage to 
      gemstone and jewelry manufacturer, 
      Onedia can guarantee delivery time, 
      product quality and good service.